It’s been a while.

Some exciting news on the house-hunting front, though. Last weekend we decided to visit a couple houses in our search list. One in particular didn’t excite me; the MLS listing said something like “unusual floor plan” and I immediately thought it would suck. But Laralee convinced me to take a look anyway, and I loved it.

It’s up in Longmont– about 15 miles due north of here– and not only is the house bigger than our current one, but the lot is a full quarter-acre. Huge for around here. I think this is the best we’ll do, considering our tough criteria. So we moved on it right away, and signed the papers Monday. We move at the end of next month.

Now comes the fun part: selling our house. It’s on the market, and we spent a frantic week preparing for that. Cleaning, dumping clutter, doing touch-up work, fixing things, and generally making it look better than it’s ever looked while we lived here. (Isn’t that always the nature of selling a house?)

I sure hope this works…