I’m working on an old web site for a client, and saw this in the HTML source:

Hah. Smart developers don’t use crappy products like Adobe Flex (and Flash) to build web sites.


QR codes are cool. But QR codes in an email message right next to your domain… that’s just dumb.

Even dumber: on the web site itself.

Dude. If I’m already on your web site, I probably don’t need to scan a QR code to get to your web site.


Wow, I’ve achieved Inbox Zero! I finally cleared out the last message in my email inbox, which is sort of my to-do list of people who need replies. It’s been a long time since my inbox was empty.

Of course I still have an enormous to-do list, but at least there aren’t pressing emails I need to write…


What the…?

I’m bored tonight and scrolling through my Google+ feed, and suddenly there’s a post from the White House!

I don’t have many Google+ friends– I don’t do the whole social networking thing– and I’m positive I never “friended” the White House. What the heck are they doing in my feed? And why do I care at all that Keb Mo performed a “bluesy rendition of ‘America the Beautiful'”?

Is “bluesy” even a word?


Tonight is the quietest Fourth of July I can remember. There are absolutely no fireworks anywhere in the city. Usually things are popping for the first few days in July, culminating in virtually non-stop explosions throughout the evening of the Fourth. Most years the fireworks continue well past midnight, and of course we sleep with the windows open at night so we can hear all of them. The quiet is kind of unnerving.

It’s for good reason, though. The entire day was hazy– you couldn’t see more than a couple of miles because everything was cloaked in a grey haze. It didn’t smell like smoke, but this evening the wind must have shifted because now we can smell it. I’m not sure which wildfire we’re smelling tonight, but it’s a somber reminder of the troubles in other areas of the state.