This has to be one of the most awesome spam messages I’ve received in a long time.

That’s right, ladies– you can win a dinner date with Steve-O! And just looking at ol’ Steve-O, we can all see what a strapping young hunk he is. Hopefully he puts on a shirt and hikes up his underwear a bit more prior to the date, but hey… maybe girls like that kind of thing.


Craig and I were discussing how yet another one of our clients has a critical end-of-the-world problem whose deadline is completely unreasonable, and boy, if we don’t get right on it, it’s likely civilization itself will come to a crashing halt and perhaps endanger the very fabric of space.

His response cracked me the heck up:

We get that a lot.  We must be at the center of the vortex or something.  Maybe we’re like the Ghostbusters.


I found this in Alex’s school folder today.


One advantage of having a domain registered to a company called Thought Monkeys is you get funny envelopes in the mail:

Now I just need to get some business cards and I’ll be set!


Mmm… credit card offers.

Normally I trash them, but when I saw that I could get a free iPod by having a new business card, I took the offer, purchased a few things for the company, and waited.

Today my iPod came!

Now I just have to cancel the card (heh) and wait for the next offer…


Apparently Flickr went down on Monday for a little while, as the guys behind the scenes sorted out some problems causing the wrong photos to be displayed. During the “we’re really sorry about that” phase of the process, one of the Flickr developers revealed:

Flickr serves hundreds of millions of photos each day. On the highest traffic days, just over a billion photos are served.

Holy smokes, that’s a lot of pictures.


Today is my birthday, of course, so I made some cupcakes for myself.

Everything seemed fine, and the first pan I pulled out of the oven looked normal.

But then I grabbed the second pan, which appeared to be a bunch of nuclear fallout mutant cupcakes.

I have no idea how that could have happened. In the end, everything turned out okay because it meant the frosting didn’t have to be spread across quite as many cupcakes, so each of the “good” ones had a nice quarter-inch-thick layer.


On Feburary 11, 1997, there was a discussion on an online Windows newsgroup about computers having a gigabyte of RAM.

PC’s will never have gigabytes of RAM.

The reason is simple. Somewhere in the 50 to 200 megabyte range, all applications, (or at least their active portion), will reside in memory. Doubling memory may allow the entire set of applications to reside in memory, but the performance gain will be small. The larger the memory capacity, the smaller the gain.

As a result, additional RAM memory will not be added.

Of course we all have a good laugh now. The three-year-old computer I’m using to type this has a gig of RAM. New systems regularly come with that much; middle-tier servers have two or four.

Ahh, isn’t technologic progress fun?


Laralee and Zack were making “peanut butter balls”, which are basically peanut butter mixed with Rice Krispies and chilled. The kids love them, and they’re (relatively) healthy.

Not content with just balls, Zack decided to get creative with a few of the ones he was making. Unfortunately a few of them look like something that came out of the back end of a dog.


Do you suppose the flight attendants gave a cheery “Thanks for flying Northwest Airlines!” salute as the passengers left the plane?


This is the kind of thing we need to see now and again…


Another “funny because it’s true”…


“If all else fails, escape to Canada. No one hates Canada. Hating Canada would be like hating toast.”

— Zippo, on Digg, discussing how to avoid terrorist attacks


I know that even a successful war against Iraq will require a US occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences. I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the Middle East, and encourage the worst, rather than best, impulses of the Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of al-Qaeda.

I am not opposed to all wars. I’m opposed to dumb wars.

— Senator Barack Obama, October 26, 2002


My job this week has been one disaster after another. It’s amazing how many things can go wrong– seemingly all at once. I’ve been working twelve- and fourteen-hour days every day, staying up until two in the morning and hitting the computer again at eight or nine. I think I’ve burned out, and then gone beyond that into a realm of major suckiness.

This funny little graphic pretty much sums up my feeling about work right now.


I just booked a flight to Seattle, and of course as part of the whole ticketing process I’m encouraged to visit the TSA web site and learn more about the exciting ways my government is taking away my freedoms. Whee!

So, being in a feisty mood, I reaffirmed that I can, indeed, board an airplane without photo ID (which I fully intend to do). I then decided to take a look at the list of items allowed on the plane. At Denver International Airport, there’s a big glass display case near the check-in counter where you can see samples of things that are strictly prohibited. A few years ago there was– no kidding– a chainsaw in the case. That can only mean someone actually attempted to board a plane somewhere with a chainsaw. Sadly, it’s been removed, but the last time I was at the airport (a few months ago) there was a hand grenade. Ha ha! Those goofy TSA guys– always playing pranks by telling us we can’t bring a live grenade onto a plane.

Anyway, here’s a helpful list of items the TSA allows on flights:

I can imagine someone might want to bring an ice axe on a trip– heck, I brought some hiking poles on my last trip, and they have rather sharp points. I also brought an eight-inch buck knife. All of it was in my backpack, which was of course checked. But hey, now I know that I can not only bring my meat cleaver, but even my saber and trusty sword. Woo hoo!

I guess those people going to Renaissance Festivals in other states, or those other people who re-enact Civil War battles and such, are happy about this.


The copyright terrorists are back.

Richard Silver “invented” the Electric Slide (yes, the dance) in 1976. He copyrighted it in 2004. I didn’t even know you could copyright a dance, but apparently you can. It’s the “choreography” that’s copyright-able, and he claims that anyone who performs the Electric Slide in public owes him money for using the moves. Moreover, he’s on a crusade to sue people who do the dance incorrectly, saying they’re infringing as well.

Apparently several dancers performed the Electric Slide on the Ellen Degeneres Show last year, so Richard is suing the show. He’s also threatening everyone on YouTube who’s uploaded any form of the Electric Slide in a video. Did you have the dance at your wedding and post it to the web? Then you’re in trouble, in his book, especially if you’re not doing it right.

His ammunition for all of this is the fabulous DMCA, which is second only to the Military Commissions Act of last year in terms of Worst Legislation Ever. Here we see again how stupid these copyright laws can be.

As an interesting and sort of humorous side note, Richard says the only actor he’s seen do the Electric Slide correctly is Joe Pesci. Go figure.


My new heroes: Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens.

These are the guys (pictured here at their court hearing today) who placed a dozen LED lightboards on some bridges and buildings in Boston and threw the fire department into a frenzy because someone thought they were bombs. The attorney general of Massachusetts, Martha Coakley, had some harsh words:

It had a very sinister appearance. It had a battery behind it, and wires.

Whoa. A battery? And– gasp– wires?

What really happened here was someone got a little more panicked than they should have, and now the city of Boston looks like a bunch of buffoons. Instead of laughing it off, they’re throwing the book at these two guys and saying they planted a “hoax bomb device” (which is a felony, apparently). In fact, they were light-up ads for a cable TV show. Admittedly, these two could be charged with littering or something, but because Boston shut down some major thoroughfares and caused huge traffic problems, the city must feel like they need to frame this as a horrible terrorist attack.

Note that similar ads have been sitting in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Francisco, and Philadelphia for two or three weeks. No bomb scare. No mobilization of federal anti-terrorist forces– including the U.S. Northern Command in Colorado (wow, a couple of signs scrambled the highest levels of the military?).

Probably the best part of the story (so far) is where Peter and Sean held a press conference and refused to answer any questions unless they were about hair.


What an amazing winter for Colorado. This marks the seventh straight week we’ve had snow… at least one day for each of those weeks, and in some cases (like today) more than one day.

It’s awesome. The ski resorts must be thrilled, and since I work at home I can just look out the window and pity those who have to commute everywhere…