Datacenter oops

All of a sudden several of my servers went dark. I couldn’t access them, nor could I get to the firewall that connects to them. At first I thought it might be a hiccup in the internet connectivity to the datacenter, but after a few minutes I figured my firewall might have run into problems of some kind. I wrote to the colocation provider running the datacenter and asked if they could take a look, and this was their response:

I am sorry, some people who was working on next cabinet accidentally unplug your power strip. I hope nothing bad happen about your data.

Umm… what? My “power strip” is a six-foot-tall device bolted to the side of the cabinet, with a high-amp plug (not your standard wall outlet). It takes real effort to unplug that guy.

Luckily my servers all came back online fine, but wow.

D trophy

When I’m captain of an ultimate team, I use a ‘D Board’ to track defensive plays. It’s a lot of fun, and now even more so because one of my teammates used his 3D printer to create a little trophy for the best defensive player of the night.

Our team name is “Discing with the Saurs” (the league’s theme is “dinosaur game shows”) so he made a simple letter “D” and added some scales and our team name. Pretty awesome.

Now I need to step up my defense, so I can take this bad boy home.

And she’s off!

Following in the footsteps of her big brother, today Kyra left for her mission. She’ll start in Utah at the Missionary Training Center, and in two weeks she’ll head over to Bakersfield, California where she’ll serve for a year and a half.

She had a morning flight and the airport was surprisingly un-crowded, so we breezed through everything and were even allowed to accompany her to the gate! (You have to ask nicely.)

The long goodbye hug for mom:

(Actually, it wasn’t nearly as long as I’d expected, and there weren’t any tears.)

And away she goes!

We’ll see her again around April 2019. Godspeed, Sister Schroeder.

Ready to go

Yesterday, Kyra was set apart as a missionary. It was awesome to have Grandma and Grandpa come out to wish her farewell.

She has a little bit of packing to finish, but other than that she’s ready to go. We’re counting down to Wednesday…


About a month ago Laralee and I were shopping and saw an amazing shirt that was worth every penny of the $4.95 price. We bought it for Zaque, and he’s worn it about once a week, including for school picture day. Tonight we were having tacos, and it was hilariously appropriate:

It says “Tacocat spelled backwards is… Tacocat”. And of course there’s a cat embedded in a taco. Saweet.