Off to Peru

Today was the Big Day: Alex left for his mission in Peru. It’s one of those things that we’ve known was coming for a while… eighteen years or so, in fact, so it wasn’t really a surprise but it was still strange when the day finally arrived.

Last night we celebrated with a family dinner. Alex picked the location, and to no one’s surprise he requested Benihana.


This morning he said his good-byes to Kyra and Zack, a couple of friends, and we drove to the airport. We posed for a moment before he went through the security line:



Of course we had to take a couple of goofy shots as well.



I have no idea what Laralee is doing in that picture.

Delta agreed to give Laralee a “gate pass” so she could accompany Alex through security to the gate, but told us they’re only allowed to give one. TSA rules and all that. Yay, security! She was glad she could join him, and managed to get a quick picture as he boarded the plane to Atlanta.


As I write this, he’s sitting in the Atlanta airport on a layover as he waits for the flight to Lima, Peru. There will probably be a dozen or so other missionaries from all over the country who are gathered there for the flight, so at least he’ll have some company as all of them nervously embark on this next step in their lives.

Godspeed, Alex. We’ll see you in two years.