A long time ago, I was talking with my friend Jason Peters about building a web application that would allow you to keep a journal. When you think about it, a journal is a pretty simple thing. It’s a bunch of text, and maybe a few pictures or mementos pasted in here and there. How hard can it be to build a web site that saves a bunch of text?

I thought about the idea but never really did anything with it. It became– like so many other things– a da Vinci project for me.

Well, today was a slow day (which is often a good thing) and I decided to actually sit down and make this thing happen. After a couple hours of programming work, I’ve built the framework for my online journal. Oh, sure, it doesn’t do much except save text now, but it’ll grow. All my da Vinci projects end up growing over time. Soon I’ll have pictures, and cross-referencing, and blah blah blah.

But for now, I can finally sit down and start keeping a journal. We’ll see where it goes from here.