Now that all the snow has stopped falling, it’s time to clean up. This turned out to be that really wet, slushy, heavy snow. Great for making snowmen, terrible for shoveling out of the driveway. Two of our enterprising neighborhood kids came over and offered to shovel the snow, but they gave up after about ten minutes.

Later, Laralee and I both found out why. That stuff was really really heavy. After several hours (two by her, a half by me) we had most of the driveway cleared, and tomorrow our backs will probably be thanking us.

Being the kind of guy I am, I was curious how much snow we shoveled. Our driveway is about 70 feet long, and we cleared about 12 feet across. The snow was at least one and a half feet deep (more in places). Multiplying that out, it comes to 1,260 cubic feet of snow. And compacted slushy snow weighs around 30 pounds per cubic foot.

All told, we shoveled 37,800 pounds of snow from our driveway alone!

That would make quite a snowman.