This weekend we went up to Winter Park and crashed at Ryan’s place, which was an absolute blast. At one point we were playing a rousing game of Pit and screaming so loud that everyone who was watching Bugs Bunny in the next room had to turn on the subtitles because they couldn’t hear Yosemite Sam blasting Bugs with a cannon or whatever.

The alpine slide was a hoot, although Zack tended to go a bit slow and caused traffic jams on the way down. Notice Tony (in the white shirt) looking like he’s about to fall right out of his sled from boredom.

However, Zack picked up the zip a bit by doing flips while attached to bungee cords thirty feet above the ground:

Not to be outdone, Alex and Kyra hopped in and did flips of their own.

And of course we couldn’t skip the full 18-hole miniature golf course:

There were, of course, some really tough shots that required intense concentration. Much like the Masters’.

All in all it was a terrific time, with only minor sunburns all around.