Wow, these spammers are getting pretty sophisticated. I found this message from the IRS in my e-mail today:

Sweet! I’m pretty sure I owed them money last year, so it’s nice to hear that they’ve decided to give me a hundred bucks. So I clicked the link (c’mon, who wouldn’t?) and was taken to a page that looks remarkably like the real 2

Since this must be legitimate, I clicked on the Tax Refund Online Form to fill it out. I was a little surprised to see that they want me to enter the amount I’m owed. Nothing ventured, nothing gained– I entered 1 million dollars.

And the last step is, not surprisingly, the part where I have to enter my e-mail address, Social Security Number, credit card number, and bank account information with PIN. Wow, is there any other sensitive financial information they’d like me to provide?

I’m sure President Bush will be pleased when he opens his e-mail and sees his million-dollar tax refund.

Of course I find all of this immensely amusing, but the sad part is that some people will really fall for it, and then they’ll be amazed when they find a bunch of stereo equipment on their credit card, their bank account transferred to the Caymans, and so forth.

Stupid spammers. We hatessss them, yessss.