Things are hopping over at Zing. I hired a new programmer and he started last week. This week I posted a job on Craigslist, because we’re getting so much work that we need even more people on staff. Plus, foosball is much more fun with a foursome.

So once again I get to enjoy incoming resumes from people who, to put it bluntly, don’t have a clue. Here’s an actual line from the e-mail “cover letter” I received today:

I am very interested in this position. My resume is not reflecting my talents. We have to talk.

So here’s a guy who actually has a resume that doesn’t reflect his talents. That’s a first for me. Out of some kind of morbid curiosity, I looked at the resume. The guy is apparently a real brainiac, because his recent work experience includes work in a “Quantum Engineering Lab” and a job description of “Investigating Zero Point Energy”.

Now, I really dig zero-point energy (who doesn’t?)… but that’s because I’m a physicist at heart. As a programmer, and the owner of a company looking for programmers, I really struggle to understand how someone involved with zero-point energy will help me build my next client’s web site.