It’s been a couple of years since the Mentos + Diet Coke phenomenon, so it’s time for a crazy new combination of fun.

Enter potassium chlorate and Gummy Bears!

Step 1: Start with a test tube of molten potassium chlorate.

Step 2: Slide a single red Gummy Bear down the tube to his doom.

Step 3: Watch the flames!

These shots are taken from a video clip, and the flaming concoction lasted for a good twenty seconds. Pretty impressive for a single little lump of chewy red sugar.

Now, back in the old days we’d all see this and say, “Coooooooool!”. These days, it means that by next Tuesday we’ll hear about a new directive from the TSA about how Gummy Bears are no longer allowed on domestic airline flights. Who knows what evil could be perpetrated by terrorists armed with chewy candies?