Thirty-five articles of impeachment against George W. Bush were read into the Congressional Record yesterday by Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. It won’t make a difference, of course, because the Democratic leadership of the House has already gone on record saying impeachment is “off the table”. It’s too bad, because in the words of the American Freedom Campaign:

The founders of our country feared more than anything else the prospect of an executive who put his own power and desires above the Constitution. Congress was given the power of impeachment so that it could remove any president who committed the high crime of violating the Constitution during his (or her) term in office.

A strong case can be made that no president in the history of this country is more deserving of impeachment than George W. Bush. If he is not impeached, the bar for impeachment will have been raised so high that it might as well no longer exist. Future presidents will know that they can violate the Constitution at will, confident in the fact that Congress does not have the courage as an institution to do anything about it.

We’ll see what comes of this, but my bet is a big fat nothing. Too bad.