I just got back from Dick’s Sporting Goods, where they’re apparently having a Random Sale.

I was in the market for a couple of breathable poly shirts (it’s hot out there playing ultimate!) so I perused the racks and found several I liked. The only problem was some had red clearance stickers on them while others didn’t. Some didn’t have price tags or labels at all. And they were on the same rack, same style, just different sizes or colors.

It turned out that the Nike shirt I wanted wasn’t on sale. But the Reebok one was, and it was actually half price from the red clearance tag (sweet– a shirt for $7!). And the third Reebok one, which also had a clearance tag but for a different amount than the first one, was not marked half price, although the woman gave me a discount anyway.

So in the end I walked out with three nice shirts at a good price, but shaking my head because it was literally impossible to know how much I was going to spend. Whee.