My friends the Wyziks celebrated the first birthday of their son Simon today, so I sent them a little note along these lines:

I don’t know if this happened to Simon, but it happened to EVERY ONE of my kids: on their first birthday we’d give them a cupcake or Rice Krispie Treat or whatever with a candle on it, and they’d be fascinated by the candle. So, naturally, being one year old and having the brainpower of cabbage, they’d reach out to touch the magical flickering light.

The results were pretty predictable, and of course we’d all laugh. I’m sure we’re going to Parent Hell for it, but I figure it teaches the little tykes a good lesson.

So if Simon didn’t get to experience his own journey of discovery about fire, I recommend it. Do it now before it’s too late and he’s a 14-year-old pyromaniac lighting M-60’s in your back yard.

Ahh, good times. The sequence below is Zack, circa 2002.