Politics is fascinating, which is why it’s probably the subject of so many of these posts of mine. For example, I find it fascinating* that voters in the Great State of Alaska would elect a Senator who had just been convicted of a felony. Apparently the numbers are still too close to call, but Ted “Series of Tubes” Stevens appears to be ahead in the vote count. Yet scarcely a week before the election he was found guilty on all counts of failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions.

* But not in a good way.

It reminds me of that awesome election in the Great State of Missouri when voters elected a dead guy (Mel Carnahan) to the Senate over John Ashcroft. Mel had passed away just short of the election, and since the ballots had already been printed his name was still on them. In the end his wife served in his place, but I can only imagine how warm and fuzzy Ashcroft must have felt when he found out he lost to a corpse. Luckily he went on to a glamorous career as the second-worst Attorney General in history.

So anyway, I guess it goes to show you that you can never tell what the heck the voters are thinking. Or, in some cases, if they’re thinking at all.