Brian, Tony, and I just got back from lunch and two guys in trenchcoats followed us into the office. They immediately introduced themselves as Walter and Tyler and asked what we do here at Zing. This seems to happen about once a month: despite the big “NO SOLICITING” sign beside the door, people like this seem to think it applies to everyone but themselves. Go figure.

Anyway, as soon as they asked what we did, Tony launched into a monologue about how we build online poker systems and run the money through the Netherlands to avoid prosecution under U.S. law. He was absolutely brilliant. He did all of this with a completely straight face while Brian and I bit our tongues trying not to laugh. Tony continued by explaining how we can accept hard cash, or World of Warcraft currency that’s traded on eBay. He then asked Walter and Tyler if they’d like to sign up for an account with us right now.

The best part was that these guys were completely at a loss about what to say. As Tony continued to regale them with stories about how we use our Comcast connection to manage all of our poker systems, and how when the connection goes down we’re still liable for bets in the pot, and all kinds of other technical-sounding things, they just stood there listening like deer in headlights.

In the end they managed to toss in a few words about what they were selling (T1 lines for a vendor I’ve worked with and despise), but they beat a hasty retreat before Tony could get them to ante up some cash for an online account.

Sweet. Two gold stars for Tony.