As usual, I’m jamming to various tunes while I work. Roxette’s “The Look” just came on, and I’m reminded once again how these guys have lyrics which are apparently generated by a random dictionary computer program or something.

For example:

Fire in the ice,
naked to the T-bone
is a lover’s disguise.

Banging on the head drum,
shaking like a mad bull,
she’s got the look.

Swaying to the band,
moving like a hammer,
she’s a miracle man.

Loving is the ocean,
Kissing is the wet sand,
she’s got the look.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they’re Swedish and only learned a subset of English; I don’t know. The funny thing is all of their songs are like this. Still, they have a good beat and remind me of those heady days of yesteryear… circa 1990 or so.