I read an interesting article yesterday about a guy who decided to accept a challenge to go for 21 days without complaining.

I suspect most of us don’t even realize how much we complain in our everyday lives. There’s always something that bothers us, something that didn’t go right, or someone who’s getting on our nerves. And we almost can’t help but say something about it. But I think in doing so– in giving in to the temptation to gripe– we become just that much more negative.

So I’ve decided to follow this guy’s example, and work to not complain at all for the next 21 days.

Note that constructive criticism is okay. For example, the following would be a complaint:

Wow, your feet really smell.

But making it constructive or positive would be okay:

Wow, your feet really smell, but I saw some shoe inserts at Wal-Mart you might want to try.

Hopefully the result of this “experiment” will be a more positive outlook on… well, everything.