The library is having their annual book sale, which is a great opportunity to look through thousands of books– most in very good condition– and buy them really cheap. Hardcovers sell for two dollars, paperbacks for fifty cents. So Laralee and I headed over there at the start of the sale and spent a couple of hours wading through boxes and tables stacked high with books.

Of course you can get any John Grisham book you’d ever want, or Michael Crichton, or Robert Ludlum, even Danielle Steele. There always seem to be piles upon piles of those authors. But you can also get obscure stuff; I found a copy of Godel Escher Bach which I first read back in the late 80’s, and I figured what the heck. (I’m reading it now but it doesn’t seem as interesting as I remembered. Oh well.)

Anyway, our bookshelves continue to expand beyond capacity; we’ve got two-deep paperbacks and stacks of recently-purchased books (from the book fair or Amazon gift cards) just waiting to be read. I think we’re covered for a while.