Alex gets a gold star for doing a good deed today.

He found a nice Verizon Storm phone on the way home from school today, so we poked around in the contact book a bit and found a person labeled “Babe” with a picture of a pretty woman in a bridal gown. Assuming it was his wife, I dialed the number. She picked up immediately and said in a chipper voice, “Hey honey, I’m on the way home now. How was your day?”

I chuckled a bit and said I wasn’t her husband. She got a little nervous all of a sudden and asked who the heck I was. I explained the situation and then she laughed and said how relieved she was that we found the phone.

As it turns out, they live in our subdivision a block away, so Alex and I went over to their house and left the phone outside the front door.

It feels good to do something nice for a total stranger.