On Friday our new TV was scheduled to be delivered, and the kids were really excited because we’d be able to use it for our weekly Pizza and Movie Night. It arrived during the day, so Laralee and I set it up so the kids could see it when they got home from school.

Of course this is in fact an old 19″ LCD monitor I had in the basement, but when the kids came home Laralee sung its praises. She told them how it’s really cool because it’s a plasma screen, and movies would look really sharp and colorful.

Zack was extremely put out. He was very upset that his video games wouldn’t be on the big screen. La told him that if he wanted, he could move the TV on to the coffee table we have in front of the couch– so he would be sitting about two feet away– and then it would seem bigger. He thought maybe that would be okay, but still kind of a pain.

Alex whined because he said he had been expecting something a lot more impressive. Despite La’s insistence that the plasma display would be really spiffy, he thought it was all kind of lame and that he really preferred our old setup.

Kyra was the only one who looked at it a bit and after a bit of thought noted that it sure looked a lot like the computer monitor La had been using on her desk. The ruse was up.

Ahh, the fun of playing practical jokes on your kids. We set up the real thing and it’s a little more impressive now.

(Yes, we had to swap out the speakers with the ones in my office because the old ones were too high for the TV to fit above them.)