I was poking around a client web site and found their blog entry entitled “People You Can’t Stand on Facebook”. I guess it’s adapted from a recent GQ article, but it was one of those classic funny-because-it’s-true lists.

Relentless, Disingenuously Humble Self-Promoter
Wish me luck at the interview – I hope the headhunter doesn’t realize I’m not qualified to hold such a crazy impressive title!

Friend Who Can’t Let You Forget How Great His Lifestyle Is
Taxi line at Charles de Gaulle!

The Person Who Never Met a Facebook Quiz He Didn’t Like
‘nuf said here

Girl with Crappy Job Who Really, Really Can’t Wait for Friday, to the Point That It Verges on Rain Main-like Obsession
Almost Friday!

Inspirational-Quote Guy Who Probably Has a Success Poster in Every Room of His House
“The secret of all great undertakings is hard work and self-reliance.” — Gustavus F. Swift

Dude Who Links to Every Article by Thomas Friedman
Great Tom Friedman column today! (LINK)