Last night Zack’s Cub Scout pack had a fundraiser: their annual Blue and Gold Banquet, which is a chance to get a hundred people together to eat spaghetti or (this year) a Mexican bar, and bid on cakes made by the boys to raise money for camps and such.

So Zack and I made a chocolate cake and coated it in a generous half-inch-thick layer of caramel frosting. Yum! Then we brought it to the banquet and waited while the auctioneer went through about forty cakes.

Finally ours came up, and I screamed “fifty bucks!” and immediately won the cake. Then the kids and I sat around our table and dug in. Awesome.

If I was more cynical I’d wonder whatever would possess me to make a cake, donate it to the Cub Scouts, and then buy it back for about ten times its value. Ah well, all for a good cause.