I’m working on some server configuration stuff for a client. They have an account at Rackspace, which is a well-known (and very good) hosting company. Like many such companies, they have an option on their web site for a live chat session. The idea is you can immediately connect to their support personnel and resolve problems or whatever.

Now, there’s kind of a joke in the industry about so-called “Headset Hotties” which are those areas on corporate sites that encourage you to contact them, and there’s always a picture of an amazingly beautiful woman wearing a headset and smiling broadly because she’s so excited to take your call.

Rackspace apparently doesn’t believe in headset hotties.

Uhh. Is that a woman? Seriously. If so, maybe she should lose the army-green cap and overalls and consider a different hairstyle. I fear that if I click the button to chat with her I’ll suddenly be online with someone named Helga and she’ll want to arm-wrestle.