Today at ultimate we had pretty balanced teams. Seven-on-seven with two subs each, and a good lineup on both sides. My team lost 5-7 in a hard fight. Since we had some time yet (we play for a little over an hour) we decided on a second game to five points.

Greg (on my team) rallied us and said we should play the second game hard and shut them out 5-0.

So we did.

Since that game went so quickly, we all decided there was time for a third game, this time to three. I invoked Greg’s inspiring plan and said we should win it with another shutout, 3-0.

And lo, we did.

That was a lot of fun. We played hard, and the other team came really close to scoring a few times but we managed to slap it down or force a bad throw or whatever. And we got lucky on a few deep passes and diving catches. All in all another great day on the ultimate field.