… So, surprise surprise… after almost fifteen years, Pete Rose has finally publicly that he bet on baseball.

It’s obvious– to me anyway– that he’s doing it for a singular goal: to get into the Hall of Fame.  I’ve read some articles and opinions (I haven’t read his just-released book), but it doesn’t seem to me he’s really very sorry for what he did.  Moreover, although he admitted to wrongdoing he didn’t admit that what he did hurt the sport, he didn’t actually apologize (no “I’m sorry”s anywhere), and the timing of the announcement and release of the book make it all too clear he’s worried he’ll never get into the Hall if he doesn’t at least put on some appearances of remorse.

Today’s newspaper quoted some statistic like “80% of baseball fans want to see Rose in the Hall of Fame”.  Personally, I think he should get what he deserves.  The lifetime ban from the game is just punishment, and with it comes a lifetime ineligibility for the Hall.  You break the rules, you’re out.  I can’t really believe eighty percent of the people think he deserves that honor, but maybe I’m in the (small) minority by thinking cheaters shouldn’t win.

Remorse aside, I think that letting him into the Hall “dilutes” it for those who are more deserving.  There are great men in the Hall, and to add to their ranks a cheater and a liar makes their honor that much less.