Today it was sunny and 50-ish so I figured it was as good a time as any to hang the Christmas lights. That meant digging up our box of lights and going through the annual tradition of figuring out which strands don’t work. As always, two or three of them had burned out over the course of the year. So we trekked to Target to get some more lights.

Last year’s Christmas card– which featured the Schroeder Clan making funny faces– was such a big hit that we had to figure out how to keep up that tradition. My idea this year was to wear a bunch of goofy hats. Happily, Target stocks a whole shelf of hats, so we went over there and took pictures of ourselves wearing them.

Laralee complained that she felt kind of silly. The store was pretty crowded, and here we were, putting on hats and taking pictures by placing the camera on a nearby shelf and setting the self-timer. In truth, no one really cared.

After we came back home and I looked at the collection, there were potentially some fun things we could do with them… like change out the background and go for the 1930’s look or something.

But… eh. Although fun, it’s not really a Christmas card motif. So I’ll have to come up with something different.

I’m still not quite sure what we’ll use for our card, but it should be interesting as always.