Today I picked up lunch at a local hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop, and I was told by the manager that I can’t have bare feet in the restaurant. (This was as I was paying and heading out to leave.)

The place has a concrete floor, so I’m not sure what the concern is. I asked her why bare feet weren’t allowed and she shrugged and said, “Health code.”

As I was driving back to the office, I started wondering what in the world the health code would have to do with bare feet. Let’s say I have a fierce case of athlete’s foot… maybe I’ll leave icky fungus on the floor or something, but it’s not like the food is down there. If they drop a piece of ham for my sandwich on the floor, I would fully expect them to toss it and get a new piece from the counter. And if there’s some kind of hazard on the floor– like broken glass– then I might cut my foot but that has nothing to do with the Health Department.

I think it’s all a movement against those of us who enjoy life in bare feet.