A very Schroeder Christmas, 2010…

It all starts with a Santa hat. In this case, a hat that Kyra made for the pet rats.

Unfortunately the little critters weren’t terribly excited to prance around in a hat. Oh well.

This morning’s gifts were (not surprisingly) a big hit.

It all culminated with the Biggest Gift of All:

The box was seriously big enough to hold Zack. Amazon shipped a four-foot-long Nerf sword in it… go figure.

After opening presents we played some games, had cinnamon rolls (liberally frosted, of course), and decided to have a Mario Kart tournament. Check out the concentration on the face of one particular driver:

The final race was between me and Kyra. It was intense.

Oh yeah baby. I continue to be the reigning Mario Kart champ of the house.

We just finished a nice Christmas dinner of ham and potatoes, and we’re going to sit down and watch a movie or something. Good times.

Merry Christmas, all.