Inkjet printers suck. Or, rather, the evil machinations of the ink manufacturers suck. No two printers use the same cartridge, and when one cartridge is deemed empty, you often have to replace the others as well. Oh, and “empty” doesn’t actually mean it’s out of ink— it means the printer has counted the number of pages you’ve printed (regardless of how much color was used) and determined that it’s time to gouge you again. Suck suck suck.

I think The Oatmeal describes it best:

But every now and then I actually need color, so I’m looking for a printer and found an interesting sidebar on Amazon:

Wow, if this magic little box can really scan at 19,200 dots per inch, it means I could scan a single postage stamp (assuming it’s one inch square) in 8-bit color and end up with an uncompressed image of 1.1 GB! Heaven help me if I need to scan a full sheet of paper– that would require a little over 100 GB. Good thing I bought a 2 TB hard drive a few weeks ago; now I can store 20 of these high-resolution scans!