One day in 1994 I was driving around and looked over at the passenger seat, where I had a box of all my CD’s. Yes, back in the old days people actually bought silvery plastic discs with music on them. I had hundreds. At an average cost of maybe $15 apiece, a couple hundred of them in one box added up to perhaps two or three thousand dollars.

My thought, driving around that day, was that the box of CD’s on my passenger seat was worth more than my car itself. It was a 1982 Nissan 200SX, bought for $1,200 from a Turkish exchange student who was moving back home after the semester.

Fast forward to today, when I had a similar thought. I had lunch with my friend Lewis, who (coincidentally) I met sometime around 1994. He now works for Cisco and had some spare hardware that he offered to me because he knows I could use it in my hosting business. I gratefully accepted and was happy to buy him lunch in exchange for roughly $15,000 worth of network gear.

Driving back home today, I reflected on the fact that the box of electronics in my trunk was worth (almost) as much as my 2008 Honda Civic. Funny.