An article by Charlie Brooker sums up my feelings about Apple products exactly:

They make you feel good, Apple products. The little touches: the rounded corners, the strokeable screens, the satisfying clunk as you fold the Macbook shut– it’s serene. Untroubled. Like being on Valium.

Until, that is, you try to do something Apple doesn’t want you to do. At which point you realise your shiny chum isn’t on your side. It doesn’t even understand sides. Only Apple: always Apple.

That’s how I feel about my trusty old iPod Shuffle… and my shiny new Apple TV. I’m a hacker; I’ve run Linux for a decade and a half. I’m the guy who wants to get under the hood, who wants to customize everything just so, who is always looking for the back door. And with Apple the hood doesn’t open and there isn’t a back door. Unless some enterprising hacker figures out how to fool the hardware, and comes up with a jailbreak to make people like me happy. Until, that is, Apple patches the thing that made the jailbreak possible and locks the door once more.