Laralee is on her annual pilgrimage to Burley, Idaho to visit her mom for a week. The kids are with her, leaving me a lone man at home. So I’m taking care of the usual chores– I even did some laundry this evening!

Aside from the nightly adventure of putting the chickens (yes, the chickens) into their coop, I need to let the rats loose so they can get a bit of exercise. They’re pretty darn funny because after being locked in a cage all day, they’re really really excited to get out and run around our bedroom. I close the door so they’re at least somewhat contained, and they spend twenty minutes exploring all of the nooks and crannies* around the room.

Roxy is the funny one because she’s young, energetic, and– if I can be blunt– not very bright. The window is open to let in some cool night air, and there’s a box fan blowing. She loves sitting on the windowsill, so she keeps trying to get up there. It’s about a two-foot jump from the floor, and she’s attempted it a couple of times but can’t quite make it. So she whacks against the wall, recovers for a second, and then hops across the carpet looking for something new. Coconut, who is older and presumably wiser, knows better and chooses to climb my back instead, perching on my shoulder as I type this. Crazy rodents.

So for now it’s fun bachelor time, but in a day or two I’ll be missing everyone (the house is sure quiet!) and awaiting their return. It sounds like they’re having a good time up in Idaho, though, so all’s well.

* Does anyone ever talk about just a nook? Or just a cranny? It seems like it’s always “nooks and crannies”.