This summer the kids have plenty of time on their hands, and they’re all reading a ton of books. Of course that’s a good thing. Zack chooses mainly comic books, and for some reason he’s taken to reading some of them aloud. When he finds one that he thinks is particularly funny, he’ll turn to whoever happens to be in the room at the time and say, “Hey, this is really funny” and then read the text. He’ll also do it from memory when he’s sitting at dinner or in the car or wherever. He’s got some favorites, and we get to hear them over and over again.

The only problem is he simply says what’s written. Often we don’t know what comic it is (Calvin and Hobbes? Baby Blues? Get Fuzzy?) and he doesn’t distinguish any of the voices. So it’s sort of a stream of words– no telling what the scene is, or when we’re switching characters– and when he’s done he absolutely cracks up. The rest of us kind of roll our eyes.

Strange kid.