Back in My Day, when we’d get candy in some kind of case it was either a Tic Tac box or a Pez dispenser. Then came things like Altoids (The Curiously Strong Mint) in a little tin. No big change.

For Alex’s birthday, one of his friends gave him a bunch of candy inside a dispenser shaped like… a cell phone. But wait! It wasn’t just a cheap plastic case that opened to reveal candy, it was a cheap plastic case that opened to reveal candy and also had buttons you could push to get a variety of beeps and boops, and a bright red LED in the “antenna” that flashes.

So the kids have been running around the house, making calls to their friends on this little candy cell phone. We keep hearing the beeps and boops as they hold imaginary conversations. It’s really quite funny, although I think it reached its peak when Alex received a telemarketing call this morning:

(Beep, boop)

Alex: “Hello?” … “Yes, this is Alex.” … “No, thank you, I’m not interested.”


I asked him what was going on, and he said it was someone trying to sell him something.

Boy, when the telemarketers get hold of candy cell phone numbers, you know the Apocalypse is near.