Alex will be fifteen next month (yikes!) so we’re starting the exciting journey of driver’s ed and making the long march to his driver’s license. Colorado has a crazy set of rules and processes, and we finally figured out what steps we need to take.

He’ll be starting driver’s ed next week and finishing the course in February. We’re considering whether to buy an old clunker car– something for a few hundred bucks– so he can learn to drive without the hassle of (1) a manual transmission like my car, or (2) a big awkward vehicle like La’s van. Plus, let’s be honest: if he’s going to wreck the car like most teenage boys somehow end up doing, it would be better to wreck something that’s not going to make me cry.

So I was poking around Craigslist with my search criteria set to “for sale by owner, under $1,000”. This sweet little guy caught my eye:

Ahh, the 1975 El Camino. Now that brings back memories. Can you imagine how cool Alex would feel as he tooled around town in this baby?