I have a client who’s been hosting a one-page web site for about a year. It’s simply the company logo and contact information, nothing exciting.

Apparently some people have been wondering when things are going to change, and are contacting his company (in droves, I guess) asking about the web site. So today he wrote to me and asked if I could put a little message on the page saying it’s “under construction”.

That’s so… 1994.

Then he followed up with an even better idea:

“Under Construction” at the top is fine… but if you have a small yellow icon of a person digging or similar that would help draw attention to it!

I was speechless. I thought the little animated GIF’s of guys in hard hats digging from a pile of rocks had died with GeoCities. But I guess not.

I resisted the urge to use an animated guy digging, but I added a little yellow icon and an “under construction” message. Hey, he’s the client, right?