Christmas was a rousing success as always. Alex was really excited to receive… a white dress shirt?

He’s speechless.

Being the romantic I am, I gave the love of my life a box of pens.

But hey, they’re nice pens!

Zack got something called “Squinkies” which he insists are much cooler than their name.

Zack also scored a book that we won two nights ago at our annual white-elephant gift exchange. The book’s title is “Farts: An Observer’s Guide” and suffice to say that it includes not only in-depth descriptions of different farts, but a set of buttons that plays them aloud for you. We all had a good laugh as he read them.

Lest anyone reading this think my gift of pens to Laralee was lame, I should point out that she bought me a set of oven mitts, two rubber bowl scrapers, and a can opener.

Merry Christmas!