We’re up in Jackson, Wyoming this weekend for my brother-in-law Doug’s wedding. He met his wife at a little pizza place called Dornan’s, so they decided to get married there.

The weather forecast for this weekend was pretty abysmal: rain, snow, and highs in the 40’s. It was certainly true yesterday, although that didn’t stop us from swimming in the (outdoor) pool and relaxing in the hot tub. It was interesting sitting in the hot tub as cold rain dumped on our heads.

This morning, however, the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and the temperature rose into the 50’s. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. Driving north of Jackson we could see the Tetons on the west. Although the sky overhead was a clear blue, clouds wrapped the mountains. Pretty cool.

At Dornan’s, we headed down to the river for the ceremony. It was really pretty with the mountains in the background (unfortunately not visible here).

As we finished and started the reception, the clouds started rolling in.

Literally in the span of minutes, the sky went dark and howling winds and rain started up. A microburst literally peeled the roof off a nearby building. There were a few lightning strikes visible to the west. The mountains quickly vanished in the grey gloom.

The rest of the day remained cold and rainy, but it was pretty neat that during the wedding it was absolutely gorgeous.

Congratulations to Doug and Jen!