I just completed my mail-in ballot.

Johnson for President.
How many of the other presidential candidates have climbed Everest? Or compete in triathlons? Seriously. And on the topic of presidential candidates, I was surprised to find that Roseanne Barr– yes, that Roseanne– is on the ballot. Who knew?

Thumbs up for legalized marijuana.
Let’s face it: the War on Drugs is an abject failure, and the real reason marijuana is illegal is because the paper conglomerates back at the turn of the century were worried about hemp paper eating into their profit margins. Plus, this is Boulder County.

More money for schools.
I’ve seen the results of massive budget cuts in my kids’ schools, and hopefully a slight raise in the mill levy will get a few more computers and a few smaller classes.

I wonder how many of the things I support will win.