We were the Magnificent Seven. Me, Dirk, Aron, Morgan, Bech, Mat, and Derek. Best of friends in high school, we spent every weekend together and kept in touch after we went our separate ways to college, then careers and families. This year, for the first time since the early 1990’s, all seven of us were back in the St. Charles area. Well, technically all six of them were, and when I heard about it I decided to buy a plane ticket just to fly back for a few days and see everyone again.

We hooked up for some pizza and then went to Derek’s house for long hours of talking, laughing, playing poker, and reminiscing about the old times. The jokes and stories were all still funny, even if they were 20+ years old.

Derek is taking the picture, which is why he isn’t shown. Also, Bech’s iPhone camera is a piece of junk.

Yeah, it’s hard to find friends like these. Thanks, guys, and hopefully we won’t wait twenty years to do it again.