Laralee was pulled over by the police twice today. That’s pretty funny.

The first time, she was driving without license plates. In truth, she’d just been to the DMV to register our newest car and she had the plates on the passenger seat. She was driving home so she could install them on the car, since she didn’t bring a screwdriver with her. Of course the car was legal, so after a bit of explanation the cop let her go.

The second time, she was driving the same car (with plates now!) and taking Zack to gymnastics. She was running a little behind, and there were two cars waiting at a stoplight to turn left ahead of her. She wanted to go straight, and there was a right-turn lane so she veered into it– without signaling, of course– and sped past the cars. It was dark so she didn’t notice the police car right behind her. Fortunately the cop was in a charitable mood, so she let Laralee off with a warning.

I don’t know how many speeding tickets I’ve had in my life– maybe a dozen. Laralee probably speeds more than I do, and she has one to her name. I’m pretty sure women get warnings more often than men…