Thom and Julian learned how to ski this winter, so I came up to Washington for a nice weekend with them. We headed up to Crystal Mountain resort and had a great time skiing.

The only problem with skiing photos is unless you’re mid-air or making a crazy turn throwing snow everywhere, you look like you’re standing still. Here’s Thom:

And Julian:

Here they are on the lift:

Julian has a GoPro camera and used it all day. Pretty much every time we got off the lift to start a new run, he was fiddling with it and mounting it somewhere else on his body or pole.

We watched the videos that night– fun stuff.

On the way home, Julian was beat. He crashed in the back seat.

We stopped for dinner at– where else?– the Hut.

It was a great time, and for once I didn’t feel like I had to struggle to keep up with my little brother. Of course, within a year or two he’ll be a much better skiier than me…