This evening, we went to Dairy Queen (tradition!) and enjoyed some hot fudge sundaes. Thom ordered a regular one, Julian followed suit, and then I ordered one with chocolate ice cream. Julian looked up in surprise. “You can get chocolate?” Of course! He quickly changed his order.

The woman at the counter turned to the other woman working there and asked, “Do we have enough chocolate ice cream?” The answer: “Yeah there’s, like, a bag and a half in the back.”

Whoa. If there’s one thing I won’t want to hear in the same sentence as any kind of food, it’s how many bags of it there are in the back. Julian and I decided we’re pretty much scarred from this incident, and not sure if we can eat at Dairy Queen again knowing there are bags of… something… that becomes the delicious concoction that oozes out of the machinery.

Still, you can’t argue with hot fudge…