Will the madness never end?

Over the past year we dumped what seemed like half a billion dollars into house projects. We began with the basement refinish and extended into the installation of a lawn, garden, and various other improvements peppered throughout the inside and outside of the house. After all was said and done, we brushed off our hands, nodded in a satisfactory way, and said, “Okay, we’re finished.”

But the reality– as any veteran homeowner will tell you– is that house projects are never truly finished.

This year we planned to put in a couple of trees and perhaps a few lilac bushes or whatever. No big deal, and something we had anticipated anyway. But then Laralee pointed out that we’ve got a weird little storage area behind our basement steps. It’s unusable space right now, and quite an interesting little construction quirk, but the addition of a simple door on the basement landing would transform it into a little 5×5′ closet.

We could always use more storage space, since the builders were so kind to give us a lame half-dug-out crawlspace. This little closet area would be ideal for some biggish items that won’t fit in the crawlspace, garage, or our tiny storage area behind the furnace. So it makes a lot of sense to put in that pesky door.

Of course we’ll drop five hundred clams on it (it’s only a door, for crying out loud!) and then we’ll realize we need something else. And on, and on…

Oh, the horror.