Tonight I played in a Halloween ultimate tournament. We were under the lights at Sandstone Ranch, which has some really nice fields. Since it’s the day before Halloween, everyone was encouraged to come in costume. About half of the players did. I pulled out my “peace and love” jeans, an obnoxious green big-collar shirt, and my gigantic afro wig… a reprise of last year’s costume. I learned that playing ultimate while wearing an afro can be problematic.

The temperature was about 35 degrees, but with long sleeves and some wide receiver gloves, I was plenty warm. It was kind of cool to see fog on the field, and of course you could see everyone’s breath as they ran around. Our team struggled in the first game, losing 13-0. I scored the first point in our second game, putting us on top for the first and only time all night. We stayed with the second team pretty well, but eventually lost 13-10.

All in all it was a good time, and nice to get some exercise as the weather gets cooler. This is the part of the year where I tend to gain five pounds because I’m not running as much…