Last week Laralee opened the front door and was surprised to discover a squirrel camped out on the pumpkin on our front porch, tearing it open and having a feast. (No, this wasn’t a jack-o-lantern left over from Halloween– it was a whole pumpkin we hadn’t carved… left over from Halloween.)

He didn’t even move when she opened the door just a few feet away. He was pretty intent on the goop inside the pumpkin, and as she and I watched with amusement, he continued to dig in and chow down. He was throwing little pumpkin-skin scraps all over the porch.

A few days later, Alex noticed a squirrel in the tree in our front lawn, right next to the porch, staring down at us.

Is it the same squirrel? Is he camped up there waiting for us to put out another pumpkin? Who knows…