On today’s episode of How Stuff Works, I let the kids tear apart a couple of old broken hard drives I’ve been keeping in my Computer Junk Closet for way too long. They thought it was a great adventure, and they took to the task with relish. For a solid half-hour, they worked with the screwdrivers to unscrew everything they could find, and then I helped them open up the drives (one required some pretty serious leverage to pry open the case).

It’s fun to let them experiment on stuff like this. Originally I was just going to do it with Alex, sort of as a Guy Thing, but then Kyra wanted to be a part of it and when Zack saw what was going on he grabbed a screwdriver and dove into the action.

Ahh, the joys of How Stuff Works! Now I need to find some other broken-down electronics somewhere in the clutter…