Laralee and I watched “Matrix Revolutions” last night (I know, it came out in theaters six months ago but we didn’t bother). It was a fairly entertaining movie; like the newest installments of the “Star Wars” series, it relied more on special effects than a plot, but was still fun.

Anyway, my biggest comment about the movie is that the leader of the human defenses, Commander Locke, has got to be one of the biggest military morons of all time. Faced with an attack of unprecedented magnitude– one that will likely destroy all of humanity– he elected to send out all of the warships he had in order to keep the enemy at bay.

Interestingly, all of the Bad Guy machines are vulnerable to a weapon called an EMP, which generates a powerful electromagnetic pulse which fries electronic components and turns the machines into scrap metal. (Why it doesn’t have an effect on the humans’ electronics technology is left to the magic of Hollywood.)

Now, each warship has an EMP weapon aboard… making them very handy against the bad guys. But Commander Locke, in his infinite inanity, neglected to keep even a single EMP back at home base. Thus, when the ships all blow up in a confusing calamity, he’s left without anything but some big machine guns to stop the invading army.

Come on, commander! Why not keep an EMP or two laying around, so if the ships bite the bullet you won’t go down with them? (Of course, our heroes show up in a barely-running ship and manage to beat off the bad guys with their EMP… what a shocker.)

Laralee and I laughed pretty hard at that one.