I want my two dollars

I’ve always liked two-dollar bills. I think one reason is because they’re unusual. There are always the funny stories about clerks in stores who refuse to accept them because they’ve never heard of a two-dollar bill, and so on.

I keep a little hoard of cash in my car, because now and then I need to split lunch with some friends, or pay someone for gas, or just come up with a few bucks for some activity where a credit card isn’t going to work. My stash is running low, so I thought it would be fun to replenish it with some Thomas Jefferson bills.

In the past when I’ve gone to the bank and asked for a few bucks’ worth of twos, they typically only have a few on hand. But this week, Laralee went and they had a whole stack (the teller had to go back into the vault, though). So I now have a nice stack of 50 two-dollar bills, about half of which are fresh, uncirculated ones.


These will probably last me for six months– I don’t really use cash much– and it’ll be a good time.